The sequel to Swift Horses, ACROSS THE RED SKY, is now on presale.

The more recent past haunts present-day Silicon Valley, in this riveting sequel to Swift Horses Racing.

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Remember the year 2000?

Y2K, the dot com bust and the lull before 9/11?

Twenty years ago, tech companies failed by the hundreds and Y2K threatened to wreak havoc on life as we know it. During this uncertain time, four young Stanford graduates start a company that turns out to be more successful than they could possibly imagine.

During a wild week at a conference in Vegas, the four bury a time capsule in the Nevada desert to celebrate their success. They swear an oath to stick together forever. They’re sure their new company, Infinitas, will last forever.

The secrets of these four people—who call themselves The Fantastic Four—surface twenty years later when someone slashes the throat of Infinitas CEO Rosalind Mabrey during her morning run at a nature preserve. What happened years ago in the desert now threatens all of them.

Investigating the murder are Monte Verde detective James Ruiz and his young partner, Daniela Grasso, heading up her first murder case. Dani Grasso, an avid video gamer, is dealing with the backlash of refusing to take her place in the family grocery business.

As Ruiz deals with his struggling marriage, Dani finds herself an outcast in her own family. Without the help of her wise mentor, she’s on a real-life hero’s quest of her own to solve a brutal crime rooted in the past.

Will Detective Dani Grasso solve the case before the secrets claim another victim?

Swift Horses Racing: Read it now to get up to speed–so you’ll be in the know for the sequel!

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