Victoria’s Blog

  • Hitting the road, post-lockdown
    After 18 months of lockdown, last week we took our first family road trip in almost two years. I was one of those people who didn’t mind so much being trapped inside during the pandemic. I loved having my family around me, and I enjoyed not having to drive places. I read lots of books. … Continue reading
  • When the bad guys got a free pass
    One of the inspirations for my novel Swift Horses Racing was a program after World War II that helped Nazi scientists emigrate to the U.S., while scrubbing their Nazi past. The full details of this program, called Operation Paperclip, weren’t fully revealed to the American public till the 2000s. As I mention in Swift Horses, … Continue reading
  • Ashes, ashes
    Maybe it’s the extrovert in me, but I love when people read my book and get back to me with feedback. My first book, Swift Horses Racing, was released in April, and I waited (not very patiently) for comments and reviews. There’s something satisfying about putting your writing out there and hearing something back from … Continue reading
  • Bite your lip. Take the trip.
    My first mystery novel, Swift Horses Racing, is now out. Putting yourself out there is scary. I’ve been writing for years—blog posts, songs, short stories and even a novel previous to this one.  It was hard for me to release Swift Horses Racing into the world. I had lots of reasons why I wasn’t ready … Continue reading
  • Goodbye, year that shall not be named
    This year’s been crappy.  Though it feels good to celebrate the end of a year that has constantly surprised us at how low it could go, I don’t think things are going to dramatically improve in 2021. But one thing I have seen this year: good things don’t just happen in “good” years. They happen … Continue reading